Weekly digest 9

This is already number nine of the weekly digests! It will highlight the things that happened to and around x64dbg this week.

Autocomment for call $0

Thanks to joesavage there will now be a comment on call $0 (call the next instruction). This is useful for various packers that use this instruction to get the address of the current instruction.

call 0

Improvements to the disassembly popup

The disassembly popup will now do slightly better analysis of where to stop displaying the preview. It will do some basic heuristic analysis to determine function ends and thus where to stop.

analysis branch

analysis jmp

Source line and autocomments

Autocomments will now combine source line information and other information. This means that you can more easily spot the context even if you have line information loaded!

source and autocomment

Show CIP in graph overview

The current CIP block will now be highlighted in your configured color in the graph overview.

cip overview

Less jumpy experience while debugging in the graph

The initial GIF that showed off graph debugging had a very “jumpy” feel, mainly because the currently selected instruction would be forced to be shown as close to the middle as possible. It will now only force the middle if the selection is out of view. You can still force the current instruction in the middle by using the “Refresh” action in the context menu.

force refresh

stable debugging

Fine-grained dump offset control

In some cases you might want to slightly adjust the dump alignment without having to use the go to dialog. You can now do this with Ctrl+Up/Down. All it does is set the first dump address to the current address +/-1.

adjust alignment

Allow checkable menu items for plugins

The _plugin_menuentrysetchecked API allows you to set your plugin menu items as checkable. This can be useful for visualizing boolean options or just for having some fun!

checked plugin menu

Codename iconic

Lots of (almost all) context menu items now have icons for a more fun and colorful experience!


Updated capstone, keystone and asmjit

The dependencies capstone, keystone and asmjit have been updated. This fixed various bugs with assembling and disassembling.

Copy as base64

The data copy dialog now allows you to copy data as Base64. Quite useful if you need to dump some private keys or something. It also supports various other formats, including C-style array (various types), string, GUID, IP addresses and Delphi arrays.

copy base64

Callback for changed selection

It is now possible to register the CB_SELCHANGED callback (currently undocumented). This callback informs you of selection changes.

typedef struct
    int hWindow;
    duint VA;

This can be used in complement with the GuiAddInfoLine function to do context-aware analysis and display it in the GUI.

Analysis plugins

Don’t like the analysis x64dbg does? Don’t worry, you can now fully customize the graph analysis in a plugin. The (currently undocumented) CB_ANALYZE plugin callback allows you to troll your friends by adding exits to every terminal node with this simple code.

    auto graph = BridgeCFGraph(&info->graph, true);
    for(auto & nodeIt : graph.nodes)
        auto & node = nodeIt.second;
    info->graph = graph.ToGraphList();

maximum confusion

Trolls aside, this can be extremely powerful if applied in the right manner. For example deobfuscate VMProtect handlers on the fly…

vmprotect surgery

Maximum trace count option

The default maximum step count for tracing is now customizable through the settings dialog.

max trace count

Copy selection to file

Issue #1096 has been fixed in pull request #1177 by shamanas. You can now copy bigger selections directly to a file.

Disassembly speed improvements

There has been quite a big improvement in disassembly and overall GUI speed. The disassembly would reload itself three times, effectively disassembling every visible instruction six times. This has now been reduced to disassembling once. Additionally the GUI would be force-refreshed unnecessarily which should now also be fixed. If you encounter any issues with this, please report an issue. Scrolling in the current view will always force-refresh it.


Copy symbolic name

In addition to the “Help on Symbolic Name” option, that uses your favorite search engine (Google) to help you figure out what’s going on, you can now also copy the symbolic name directly if you need it for some reason. This was also implemented by shamanas!

help on symbolic name

copy symbolic name

Allow customizing of the main menus

Ever thought the menus in x64dbg are too complicated? You can now hide options you don’t use in Options | Customize menus

uncomplicated menu

Fixed a bug with little/big endian when editing FPU registers

The FPU register edit dialog will now respect the configured endianness and always change the register bytes to the way you see it in the edit dialog.

Show extended exception information on exception events

The exinfo command is now executed every time an exception occurs to provide you with more information while examining the log later on.

           dwFirstChance: 1
           ExceptionCode: C0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
          ExceptionFlags: 00000000
        ExceptionAddress: 00007FF7F686240F x64dbg.00007FF7F686240F
        NumberParameters: 2
ExceptionInformation[00]: 0000000000000001
ExceptionInformation[01]: FFFF8F500045DF0C
First chance exception on 00007FF7F686240F (C0000005, EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)!

Final words

That has been about it for this week again. If you have any questions, contact us on Telegram, Gitter or IRC. If you want to see the changes in more detail, check the commit log.

You can always get the latest release of x64dbg here. If you are interested in contributing, check out this page.

Finally, if someone is interested in hiring me to work on x64dbg more, please contact me!