Looking for writers!

This will be the official blog for x64dbg. This blog is looking for writers! Send a pull request here to get your content related to x64dbg posted here. If you want to write something but don’t know exactly how, come in contact discuss a topic with us.


Writing a post

Writing a new post is very easy. It is basically Markdown with some extra setup to make Jekyll render the post nicely.

Create a new file called YYYY-MM-DD-Your-post-title.md in the _posts directory and start with the following setup:

layout: post
title: Your post title!
author: John Doe
website: http://johndoe.me

After that write your post contents with Markdown. If you don’t want to be attributed use Anonymous and https://x64dbg.com for the author and website fields respectively. These fields are required for your post to be accepted, so keep that in mind. Also, feel free to add an introductory section explaining who you are, what you do and links to your personal blog or company website!

Once you completed writing your post, send a pull request and it will be reviewed and added to the blog!